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Now available is my new "Hank Williams" Tabs & CD in my EZ Play Format. Costs is $25.00 USA & Canada   ($32 UK, Asia, Pacific Islands)

All Tab Books can only be purchased directly from me.  E-mail  dsulesky@tampabay.rr.com 



 Prices for Volumes 1 thru 10, Bob Wills (E9 & C6), By Request & 61 Licks is $23 USA & $27 Canada 

Because I do not charge for PayPal and shipping the major increase in the U.K. & Outside USA mail costs I must raise the price to ($32.00 PayPal only accepted). It's either that or not sell outside the USA. I am sorry, but I have no choice in this matter. 

E9th Chord Pictionary_ Illustrated Chord Templates for the 8 most used chords in all the keys. Also includes a 198 chord chart with instructions on how to develop the chords in the chart and those shown in the templates. ( No CD Required)  Only $20 USA & Canada  ($25 UK & Asia )

Ordering instructions

To pay using "PayPal"   https://www.paypal.com/  open your PayPal account click on "Send Money as FRIEND" and insert my Email address  dsulesky@tampabay.rr.com  and then the required amount where asked in US Dollars. In the comment box list the items you want.               It's as easy as that.  Thanks, Don

Please Note: When sending a Money Order or Check  (IN USA ONLY ) please include a note with your E-mail address because I may need to contact you. Thanks

Note: When ordering Please Specify which item(s) you want

Make sure I have your mailing address.

     My Mailing Address       

Donald Sulesky

242 N. Grandview Ave.

Hernando , FL 34442


Sample tab from Tab BOOK VOLUME ONE

Rose of San Antone.mp3


I just received my new tablature from Don Sulesky of some of Bob Wills tunes. This is great stuff, well written and easy to follow. I especially like the bindings on all Don's courses. They lay flat and you don't have to clothes pin them down. Don is a super guy to do business with. Give them a try,  I think you will like what you get.   Jim Burden, Bullet Bars

I just ordered this book from Don and he had it shipped before I got back from lunch! Don must live in the post office! Anyhow, thanks Don. I've had his E9 Course a few years back and liked it, so figured the Hank songs were a good choice. I like Don's tab because it is a basic straightforward version that you can "hear" the song as you play it without a lot of embellishments that can throw a beginner like myself off when you are trying to learn a new song.       Jim Williams   WTOK TV

Hi Don. I would like to order volumes 1,5,9, The Bob Wills Classics, and Hank Williams Classics. Thank you. I loved the EZ E9th volume   Bryan C.

Hi Don, Just got your Hank Williams Tabs, they are great. Mike 

Hi Don, Please send me your Hank Williams Classics for E9th and your Volume #10 which has my favorite song "Crazy" in it. Your tab and tracks are really great and I really like all your music. You have helped me learn a lot of songs that I wanted to play for a long time. I appreciate your hard work you put into your music. Bob

Hi Don, 

I simply can’t put into words how much I appreciate you “rescuing me” from the wall I was up against in learning to simply play a song on my pedal steel guitar. I really do feel “stupid” in not seeing what I have been able to see just in the “Gospel Tab” I already have. It finally dawned on me what all the numbers mean and I can actually play “Amazing Grace” just in the first two days. Until now all I was seeing in all the tabs I’ve attempted was just fret numbers, never relating them to the chords they represent. Your tab makes that very clear and now I understand more of what it’s all about. Thanks for responding to my plea for help. I appreciate your attitude and approach to newbees like me and I expect to learn much more from what you are sending me. Later, when I get more of a grasp of others things I want to write something that will explain to others who are searching like me and guide them to you…thanks again………clark       I don’t even know the number of other tab/CD courses I have, but the light never went on until I tried yours.

Hi Don:
Everything arrived today.  Just have a moment to thumb through right now, and I am so happy to see that I don't have to flip pages to play a complete song!
I have other very good top notch song books but flipping pages is awful.  I end up having to copy some of the pages to elininate the flipping.  I know I should memorize the songs but that has not worked out well for me.  I can get to the point where I just glance at the music while I play.
Anyway I do like your books Don.
Thanks very much for all the work you have gone through to develop these books. this material keeps me going even at 75 years of age.
PS I'd be very pleased to be included as one of your recent positive testimonies. 6/18/2016

Don, I'm getting lots of good info from the way you do your arrangements. I have a long way to go in order to be able to play this guitar but I am learning a great from you. I am 74 years young and I intend to learn as much as I can. I'm only too happy to know that there is someone out there that knows the difficulties of being a beginning steel player and realizing that the less you put in the tabs, the easier it is to understand it. 
Thank you for the material and I will be back to get more. John McLaughlin

Got vol 6,7,8 these are great for beginners and intermediate players to learn how to pick out the melody and build your own. Very nice Don. Thanks John C.

Don , I received your volume 6 today. Thanks for such a speedy response. I think you have a great presentation for your work. Bobby C.

Don, I would like a copy of your Volume 6. I got  Volumes 1,2 & 5. They are excellent to learn from. Thanks Lenny

Hey Don!
ust got the course and playing the CD and the book was just what I needed. Thanks for putting this together for a beginner. I will be ordering some more stuff later from you as I progress after this.
Thanks again
Richard Haas

Hey Don, I got your 15 tab book today. The fills on this CD are super tasty sounding! I love the B/C pedal Kitty Wells type of intro. Just what I wanted. Thanks, Andy    

Hi Don: I Received your tab today and its excellent. Regards, Joe

Don.... Just to let you know that I'm having lots of fun with the E9th Course, the song tabs, Vol. #1 and 30 Licks and Fills. Sure is helpful when one have been away from PSG for nearly 30 years. Well done, congrats and thanks. Bob Doyle

Hello Don and happy new year. I would like the 61 Licks and intros 1 and 2. I have all your other tabs and enjoy playing them often. It takes me a while to get them down, but I have come a long way since March of 05. 

Thanks again for all your material. It is great to see good tabbed material out there. John Coffman

I want to thank you for your books...I find it quite easy to read and understand your tab.

 I’ve learned more from your 30 licks book than all the other videos.. books …ect., ect. that I have purchased. Thank You, Will

Don....got your 30 Licks course Friday...thought I would fire up my SG and try a few of the examples.....wow.....most of these were exactly what I have been looking for.....something Jeff's methods haven't really got into so far....I think I didn't get up for 2 hours...ha....anyhow, thanks for your "user friendly" methods....Larry 

Don, I love your stuff, simple enough that I sound like I am playing music and I suspect a painless way of learning scales. Keep up the good work. Gary 

Hi Don,

I received the tabs today. They are at a perfect level that I like. I can work on achieving a nice tone instead of struggling my way thru the song.

 It's amazing what you can do with 2 pedals & 2 knee levers.

Thanks, John Palumbo

Hey...for all you folks looking for some "feel good" licks, etc, you need to try Don's 30 Lick method tabs/CD...chocked full of licks, etc. geared for the upper beginner( like me ) to the upper intermediate player...licks that "encourage" you to keep plugging on unlike some methods that I've bought lately that make me feel like "I'll never be able to play these licks". Don's course is now always included in my daily practice schedule. Larry

Hi, Don.
Got your 30 licks + CD in the mail today. Lucky for me it was raining today as I'm an outdoor worker. Had the day off.
The material was spot on ,exactly were I'm at .Nice and slow, easy to use.
Not like most stuff on "You-tube", that goes a100 miles a hour.
Thank you so much,
You will be sending more stuff to "Tassie" in the near future.
Keep up the good work,
Cheers from "Down under". Jerry

Hi Don, Please send me your 30 Licks Course. I'm enjoying the E9th course that I already have. Brian T.

Hi Don,
Got your stuff in the mail today,
I knew what to expect, because I had you’re E9th licks and intro's from before
and it is excellent, thank you so much, it will give me many hours of playing.
You are not done with me yet, I will return. God bless.
Cheers from "Down under". Jerry

Hey Don

The Tabs are great and well appreciated. The 30 Licks look great. 

Overall, I just want to thank you and leave a few comments.

You are doing a great service to wanna-be’s like me.

Thanks again,  I will be back for more soon; and certainly before I finish with what I have purchased so far… -Bob




Don received your 17 song book and rhythm tracks yesterday and it’s really a great book.

I played along with the tracks and they were great and right in tune with my steel.

Again your song book is well spent money and very well satisfied with it. 

             One happy camper, Bill Laidlaw  

One of the first tabbed out songs I learned was Don's "Unchained Melody" on the Rebel site. The way Don writes his tab (including lyrics) makes the task of learning a complete song so simple. His arrangements of single note and chord groupings brings instant satisfaction to the player. Don writes like he plays...smooth transitions, melody out front and great intros and outros. JB

Don, I would like your Volume 1 Tab & CD. I got your Volume 5. I loved it. Lenny J.

Don, you've done it again! Hey gang just want you all to know what a great job Don does on his TAB volumes. I own Vol. I & II and learned all the tunes lickerty split with the clear and detailed TAB arrangements DS puts together. Johnny B.

To all you do for the world of steel guitar, a big thanks. It's guys like you that keep us all breathing, great material, great music and just good  fellowship and a willingness to share....Steve

I received my order OK, Books are excellent.
Thank you, LF

Hi Don'
Received with many many thanks. Tabs and backing tracks for Gospel songs are fantastic. Country  Gospel songs are my most favorites and I am very much appreciated for all you've done.
Big God Bless
Yr mate from down-under

Hello again,  I would like to purchase all 4 of your Tab books with CD's.
I found your E9 Beginner very helpful and hope these are just as helpful.  My wife can now recognize most of what I play when using your book. Thanks, Jim
Hi Don,
Just a wee note to let you know that today I received your Tab/CDs...so far just a cursory look through and a quick listen but I like what I have seen and heard...as you say, you have kept things basic which is a great idea in my humble opinion, allows a person to learn the tunes and then work on them to embellish them to their own tastes...two thumbs up  mon ami.  Glyn

I'll tell ya how Don's lessons help me.
For starters, I'm not the musical prodigy many of the guys in here are and oftentimes need some of what I call, help from a friend.
Most of Don's tunes are simple easily tabbed songs, oftentimes just playing along established melody patterns. After I get them down pat (which doesn't take long) I start doodling and discovering what Jeff Newman would call "ahas". Things like, I wonder what will happen if I do this instead of that? Before long I'm playing the song(s) with my own little twists and embellishments and darn if they don't sound pretty good.
I imagine that day will come when I'll move on to more complex lessons but for now... Thank you Don. You've helped making the learning curve a little easier and a lot more fun. RC

Don, I am sending you a check for Volume 5.  Thanks
PS. Keep up the great work. I have learned more from your courses than any others.

Could you please send me Volumes 2, 3 and 4. Received Volume 1 from you last week. Brilliant.
Many thanks, G. Will

Don, got Volume 5 today, great service as usual. Thanks, Gary