EZ E9th Course

Songs,Licks,Intros & Chord Charts

The book also includes a Chord Formula page so you can find chords such as Major, Minor, 7ths, Diminished and Augmented anywhere on the E9th neck. Plus two other pages showing you where many of these are located and the strings grips used to play them. I have added 4 more pages of instruction to my original book which I feel should help you to understand the learning process of the steel.


This is my E9th Pedal Steel Guitar Course which is geared to the Novice to Intermediate player. I built the course around the A & B pedals and the raise and lower of the E's because most steels have at least these Pedals and Knee levers. This course also includes a CD of me playing the songs and licks slowly in phrases and has 10 additional Rhythm Tracks to practice the songs. 27 tracks in all are on the CD.

You can purchase this course directly from me dsulesky@tampabay.rr.com for $25 (USA & Canada) includes S&H  ($32 UK, Asia, Pacific Islands) (Money Order or PayPal only

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Private one on one E9th Pedal Steel Guitar lessons are available in the Citrus County Florida area.

I have a 2nd steel for use if you do not have one or want to try it for a lesson.

For  lessons contact me by email or telephone at 1-352-527-3060 for info and time.

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Donald Sulesky

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Hi Don
Your course arrived on Saturday morning, amazing it got here in such a short space of time from the USA. I've had a look through it and I'm very pleased with what I see. All that's needed to make music with the required application. I invested a lot of money on a course from a very famous source and I must say that your course gives the aspiring novice player the fundamentals to get going quickly and correctly at a fraction of the price. 
I bought all the N........n stuff and was bored to death, and what's with teaching speed picking before you know very much of anything, I'm a guitarist who took up PSG late in life and I know that good technique comes with experience not the other way around. I have a library of books and a store full of videos that does everything but keep it simple. I really wish I'd come across your stuff sooner. Would've saved me a lot of money. I'll be in touch in the future to get some of your Tab books and backing tracks. 
Thanks again Don, much impressed. Brian Matchett, U.K.  2017

 IMO this E9 course is the best place for a new player to start. The songs are all good, but easy enough for a new player to learn quickly so as to get used to the neck and positions. The tab and sound files match perfectly so there is no way to get confused. The best formula for learning a string instrument in a hurry is tab + sound file + practice. Price is really reasonable given all of the tab and high quality sound examples and backing tracks. Mike Quillian

Got your course today and you have packed a great deal of information in it along with the tabs and CD sound track. Just using it for a couple of hours with songs familiar to me on a non pedal helped me to start the switch to the pedals based on your format.
Great customer service also on the response and shipping! Thanks! Gary

Hi Don ,,,just got my new stuff,,,I LIKE IT...THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING ,,THE HEART OF THE PEDAL STEEL,,,the harmony of more than 1 or two strings,,all moving together,, I'm sitting here listening to the disk...this will add a lot to my playing ,,,thanks a lot for the lessons ,,,thanks Ken

This is a terrific package for a new student. The tabs are great for anyone who wants to learn a bunch of songs without deciphering a bunch of time consuming embellishments. Feel free to use me as a reference. James

Don, Good morning...I just wanted to send along a thanks to you for the E9 pedal steel course and song book I got from you a few months back.
As indicated by others it is a great fit for new, self taught players,  like myself.....it's helping me to really enjoy playing and make some real progress.  Mike G.,  Canada

Mr. Sulesky,
I want to express my gratitude for the fine E9 instructional material you sent to me! I'm sorry I did not send this sooner.
I would recommend your material to anyone looking for a well laid out easy to follow method. I also think it is a great value for the price.
Thank you so much!  Sincerely, Joe

Got the program a couple of days ago....very easy to understand....but had surgery on my right hand on Dec 6 to replace two knuckles and I
am just getting in the mood to use my fingers.
It will be worth it when its over....but I sat down today and learned Born to Lose.....very pleased with your program and the fast service....thanks again, Don Gabriel

Hello Don,

I ordered your E9th Course last month and I am really enjoying it. Your course has helped me make the leap from playing scales and chord inversions on the steel to making music.
Thank you, Steve K

IMO this E9 course is the best place for a new player to start. The songs are all good, and easy enough for a new player to learn quickly so as to get used to the neck and positions. The tab and sound files match perfectly so there is no way to get confused. The best formula for learning a string instrument in a hurry is tab + sound file + practice.   James

Hi Don,
 I finished your EZ E9th course.  It was amazing.  I've found that I can play the songs in it and have people actually recognize them.  
Thanks again for the wonderful course it really has got me started.

"Hi Don,

Thanks very much for your prompt and courteous service on my recent purchases. I am pleased to advise that in a short amount of time, I have found your EZ E9th course very easy to follow and understand. The arrangements are reasonably straight forward and very effective. I would certainly recommend your EZ E9th course and your 30 Licks & Fills to any pedal steel player who wants to get on the right track early in their learning stage. Thanks again. Regards, Kerry."

Mr. Sulesky,
I received the "E9th Pedal Steel Guitar Course" and to say that I am very pleased with it is an understatement! It is wonderful!!! Gary

Hi,  just to let you know I got the course for the E9th pedal steel. It is an awesome course. I love it, I am  playing every day to get used to playing,  I am a new player .  Fred

Hi, Don. I'm working through the EZ E9 book I had from you a little while ago. Because it's really simple I can pay most of my attention to basic technique without having to wrestle with complicated tab, and there's even room to add a few bits of my own if I'm feeling adventurous!  Ian

I have been looking for some basic instruction without going into a lot of theory. I have found it. What a wonderful course for a beginner. I got your course last week and I've finally found some basic lick. Getting someone to let loose of some trade secrets are tough. Thank you Don
Craig D. 

Hi Don, Received it this afternoon and have tried several of the licks and some of the songs out!  Excellent!  Thanks so much!  Gary

Don, I received your E9th training course and have really enjoyed it.  I have # 21-51 of Jeff Newman's Woodshed series and most all of his stuff.  I also have all of Herb Steiner, Dick Meis and some of Joe Wrights.  Lots of books etc.  All in all about $1,500 worth of material.  Saying all of this I love the way you tab things out.  I am a mostly self taught beginner with no musical back ground. It was so great to sit down and be able to run through a song  and be able to play it.  I know that all the other training material has helped me in many ways but i just wanted you to know that I have really loved your stuff.
I will be recommending your course to all my beginner friends.  Thanks again and God Bless  JOHN COFFMAN

I just received your CD's and wanted to thank you for a great E9th course. It is some what of a crap shoot buying instructional material as I am sure you must know. It is very refreshing to get my hands on something that allows me to practice what I am learning with current songs. I truly appreciate you providing material that allows one a toe hold to get started instead of just blowing me away with just how good you are. There is a ton of material here that can be applied in many different ways and I look forward to working my way through the CD's.
Sincerely, Jack Spillane

 I got mine in the mail today and no you can't have it back. It's great. Thanks Don for taking the time to do this. I recommend it to all newbies as it works mostly two strings, two pedals and two knees. Chuck Hall

Just spent the better part of Sunday working on Don Sulesky's E9th Course & Tab. I can't tell you how easy he has laid out his course and tablature. Its so easy to follow, I have had Don's course/tab for a couple of weeks now and I have 9 songs down pat from start to the last bar. His course/tab combines single notes and chord groupings which allows you to play the tune first time through. Thanks again Don for some great material. Johnny Baldwin

One of the first tabbed out songs I learned was Don's "Unchained Melody" on the Rebel site. The way Don writes his tab (including lyrics) makes the task of  learning a complete song so simple. His arrangements of single note and chord groupings brings instant satisfaction to the player. Don writes like he plays...smooth transitions, melody out front and great intros and outros. His E9th course is perfect and his tablature can be utilized by beginners, intermediates and pros. 

I was going over your course the other night and found it very good for new players, simple is better and it is laid out real well, I think you did a great job on this course and would recommend it to all new players. Ernie

I ordered Don's E9th Course, which is filled with tabbed out songs you'll really enjoy playing. I urge you to check out Don's site and order his E9th Course or his Tab Collection. You won't be disappointed. John

Don, I have enjoyed your E9th course very much...I have learned a lot from it... I really like the simple, yet VERY effective approach you use to teach us beginners....Thanks......James  

Don, I worked on several of your tabs this weekend  and am very pleased.  It was a pleasure to play with your  R-tracks.  Sure makes playing much more enjoyable. Fred

Got the course on Monday.  My wife says she can actually hear a little music that she can recognize now.
I'm having fun anyway.  I look forward to ordering some more stuff in the near future.
Thanks again.

Hello Donald...Just wanted to let you know that I received the material
today....I have looked it over and "Test Drove" it a little.....Very easy to
follow...This is a very good course. Thanks for the prompt service. Bobby R.

Don, I got your package today, posted on the 9th and I received it the 11th. Truly great service. First glance looks like it is just what us old beginners need, will report as I progress with it. Thanks, Gary

Follow-up from Gary

Don, I have only spent about an hour with your E9th Course and what a ball. Gives me the feeling that I may learn to play this thing yet. Your tip about playing each line as a phrase is great. I am so impressed that although I probably won't be ready for a while I would like to order your "Special of 4" books and CDs. Enclosed find a Postal Money Order. Thanks again Gary

Don, the E9th course is great.  The chord charts are the most complete
I've seen, and I have several.  Thanks for "Blue Skies".
I  got the course the other day.
Thank you for sharing your talent. Richard

Don,  I received my copy of your course today. It's just what the doctor ordered. The songs are tabbed in simplicity and leave the beginning student with loads of possibilities when it's time to expand their musical vocabulary.
It's so gratifying to be actually playing songs. Now I can actually understand some of the theory I've learned.  I'll be back,  Thank you  RC

Hi Don

Itís Eddie here from the UK. Just wanted to let you know that the E9th course and CD all arrived today and I have been having loads of fun playing along this evening, it does exactly what you say, it is nicely laid out and real easy to follow, I will be ordering more from you on Thursday when I get back to work.   Best regards, Eddie

Quote from The Steel Guitar Forum member Bob Ousby.

I also have forum member Don Sulesky's "EZ E9th Course". I really like Don's rendition of Elvis's "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You". Wow! I can play through that, yes sir!

I received the CD and book in the mail yesterday and played through a couple of tunes. It is just what I was looking for. I am fairly new to PSG and have limited time to practice due to my job. The course keeps things simple by using only 2 pedals, 2 knees and usually playing 2 strings which I am able to accomplish easily. I especially found the chord finder to be useful and spent some time running through the inversions which gave me lots of ideas. I will most likely buy some of your other material in the future.
This is an excellent approach to learning the pedal steel quickly. 
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Tim K.

Hi Don, this is for your EZ E9 course, I've heard from friends that this is really a top course.  Richard